Employment business services

Our employment business department undertakes to source and provide on an ongoing basis the most suitable workers for our Clients. As part of our employment business service HR Direkt Kft. is responsible for any and all employment-related administrative duties freeing up Client’s resources to focus on strategic tasks.

Our employment business service offers you a piece of mind when it comesto your staffing needs. Our objective is to have a motivated andefficient contingent at your disposal at all times. Our candidates aretreated with utmost care to make sure they feel they are looked after.

When do we recommend using our employment business services?

In case of excessive staff attrition rates

To manage seasonal changes

To support ad-hoc, temporary projects

To cover for temporary shortfall of staff or unexpected absences

To successfully identify quality applicants with sought-after skills

Hiring workers from third countries

HR Direkt Kft. has many years of extensive practical experience in the immigration, immigration, labor and social security administration of workers recruited in third countries and coming to Hungary from there.

We work with our own recruitment units throughout Ukraine and our own internal team handles all the necessary documentation, thus ensuring our clients the highest level of legal and regulatory compliance. We can guarantee that we can relatively quickly build a larger, less fluctuating contingent for our Partners. Of course, we also take care of the transportation, housing, and residence permit administration for Ukrainian workers.

It is important to mention that for several of our clients, HR Direkt Kft. has introduced the system of employing people from third countries, so assistance in integrating into the corporate culture, as well as ensuring continuous, smooth instructions and communication are part of our service. Our experience shows that with colleagues from third countries, the efficiency of the workforce can increase significantly with lower turnover.

Recruitment agency services

Our recruitment service is based on an up-to-date database, publishing advertisements to find the most suitable candidates at short notice, according to the criteria specified by the client. Our high quality selection process includes background checks, skills tests and a guarantee for the selected candidate.

Why would this service benefit your company?

Significant time and cost savings can be brought about by outsourcing the duties of recruitment and screening

After our screening process has been completed you will be able to choose the best candidate from a final shortlist

We are able to cover the administrative part of training and on-boarding the candidate

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