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What we offer?

Employment business services


Recruitment of non-EU candidates from neighboring countries


Employment agency services


Employment business services

Our employment business department undertakes to source and provide on an ongoing basis the most suitable workers for our Clients.

As part of our employment business service HR Direkt Kft. is responsible for any and all employment-related administrative duties freeing up Client's resources to focus on strategic tasks.

When do we recommend using our employment business services?

  • In case of excessive staff attrition rates
  • To manage seasonal changes
  • To support ad-hoc, temporary projects
  • To cover for temporary shortfall of staff or unexpected absences
  • To successfully identify quality applicants with sought-after skills

Our employment business service offers you a piece of mind when it comesto your staffing needs. Our objective is to have a motivated andefficient contingent at your disposal at all times. Our candidates aretreated with utmost care to make sure they feel they are looked after.

Recruiting non-EU candidates within our employment business service

HR Direkt Kft. has many years of extensive experience in recruiting candidates from non-EU sources including any and all immigration, work visa, home office, labour authority and social security duties. We can safely say that our statutory compliance is second to none.

Ukraine is one of the main countries we operate in outside the EU. We work with wholly-owned branches and internal teams to ensure all documentation is collected from candidates to the highest possible statutory compliance standards. HR Direct Kft. can undertake to build large staff contingents with lower attrition rates for all its Clients. Naturally, our own apparatus takes care of the logistics, accommodation, work and residence visas for all our employees.

It is imporant to note that HR Direkt Kft. has successfully implemented the usage of non-EU workforce in numerous cases for our Clients over the past years. We have vast experience in sharing knowledge of the process of bringing candidates in from outside the EU with full compliance, to help them fit in seamlessly into existing corporate cultures and to make sure induction, training, chain of command and day-to-day supervision is prepared and executed seamlessly.

Employment agency services

Our employment agency service uses up to date databases and a diverse portfolio of job advertisements to find the most suitable candidates within a reasonably short period of time. Our robust screening process includes vetting each candidate for their skills, professional experience, guaranteeing their suitability.

We have seen a surgical increase in the demand for certain skillsets and professions in recent years.

Why would this service benefit your company?

  • Significant time and cost savings can be brought about by outsourcing the duties of recruitment and screening
  • After our screening process has been completed you will be able to choose the best candidate from a final shortlist
  • We are able to cover the administrative part of training and on-boarding the candidate

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